donderdag 4 oktober 2012

night time is the right time    
joining the photo-heart-connection
two weeks ago i started my advanced photography class in the city center
on my way back i took a couple of night shots of the shop windows and the street lights

this one is my absolute favorite, and therefore my contribution to the photo-heart-connection.
the image gives me a feeling of emptiness and desolation, because of the alien green fluorescence that is repeated throughout the frame. i love the intense shiny blackness of the chairs and drawers, all lined up neatly, waiting for customers to bring liveliness and color into the sterile looking scene. most of all i love the curved woodgrain-finish board with its eerie green shine (just off the top-center). it makes a perfect transition to the dark grainy wall on the right

here's a shot with a completely different atmosphere. the abundant colors of the flowers and plants are enhanced by the warm yellow shop lights and the bright aqua of the big painting in the back. 

a typical night town street view: trees forming a wide green roof of leaves above, lots of bicycles parked in front and around the tree trunks, the antique streetlamps providing soft star-like points of light and the red taillights of a car leaving its parking space providing a bit of contrast and a sense of movement

and of course i couldn't pass this shop window without taking a picture.... especially when the name of the shop is so beautifully accentuated by the light of the street lamp and the lush and luminous colors of the displayed objects