zondag 8 december 2013

horse power     
photo heart connection november
recycling photos to create new works of art

my creative adventures in iphoneography have been continuing this past month, intensifying during a short stay at the hospital, where i produced a series of digital collages (i organised them in a set on my flickr page)

i am linking this blog post to Kristen Radden's december creative iphoneography challenge as well as Kat Sloma's november photo heart connection.

on november 14th i went to the seaside with my dad and shot this steel rocking horse with my iPhone. i later used several apps to turn it into a golden stead fit for a fairy tale. i just loved that horse….. so i used miracam's x-ray filter to create another shiny version of it and then cut it off of its pedestal and out of its frame….. wanting to use it as a symbol in some of my collages. i even gave it a name and called it Silverado :-)) for me it served as a kind of magical power horse that would rescue me from all the fear and hurt associated with my surgery.

never in my wildest dreams
yearning for salvation
speed of light

stage fright
bridging the gap
dreaming of horses

these six images were created in the ten days just before, during and after my stay in the hospital. looking at them now, i can still feel the horse's (and my creative spirit's) incredible magical healing power…….

Creative iPhoneography