vrijdag 1 november 2013

the art of shopping          
fine art photography with my iPhone
discovering the extra in the ordinary

this past month i have been totally engrossed in iphoneography. taking shots of whatever 'tugged at my sleeve', things that somehow begged to be perceived, to be explored further, transferring them on to my iPad and then playing around with a number of apps, trying to coax out the deeper image hidden inside.
what i love most of all is window shopping, capturing the different layers of the goods on display, the activities in the back of the store,  the reflections of people passing by behind me and the street life in the background. always far too much to see in one glimpse, therefore loads to discover when poring over my shots later on....

here are three jackets from the same fashion store, the first one has big white clouds and steel poles through its collar and a brick wall  coming out of its side. the second one reflects me, next to a bright yellow application of an owl with huge round dark eyes. the third one has a  beautiful pattern with some cars reflected in the middle, like a belt.
all of them fascinating, captivating, definitely worth post processing.

this time i decided to combine them and take them to another level. i blended them together, post processed them with some of my favorite apps and then painted in some subtle details with a drawing app. so here's the hidden image. i call it 'bird's-eye view'. and i am totally in love with it!

joining october's photo heart connection at KatEye Studio