vrijdag 16 januari 2015

still life with brushes

be still 52 week 1

though my main focus for the still-life project is shooting stuff i find on my daily rounds with the dogs, i just couldn't resist playing around with my paintbrushes....

here is a bunch of them, resting on a sheet of textured acrylic paper. shot with my iphone (5S) and processed with snapseed, brushstroke and blender

still life with crumpled cans

be still 52 week 1

today i collected four dirty tin cans from among the rotting brown leaves in the bushes. i also took some of the muck that was sticking to the outside.

at home i arranged a piece of deep green gauze with glittering twigs and plastic flowers attached to it and created this still life.  
the fabric creates a connection with the brown leaves and twigs sticking to the can in the middle and with the landscape where i found the cans 

donderdag 15 januari 2015

still life with clamshell

be still 52 week 1

yesterday i started a new course with Kim Klassen. fifty two weeks of creating, shooting and sharing still life photographs.
i have decided to use the stuff i find daily, when i am out with the dogs in the polder behind my house, and then combine it with some of the numerous objects and fabrics i have collected over the years.
today's find is an opened clamshell.

i placed it on some light grey gauze, embroidered with silvery spiderwebs. then i poured some water inside the hollow shells to bring out the pearly shine a bit more. the glittering, drop-like knots in the embroidery create a connection between the water clinging to the shell and the fabric.