zondag 27 januari 2013

lightroom love pt 3    
experimenting with the graduated filter, spot removal tool  and presets

this photograph was taken on a cold, grey snowy winter's day. the raw image looks desaturated and has an ugly color cast. i did some basic color and contrast correction, applied the creamtone LR preset, decreased the overall clarity, boosted the foreground sharpness and contrast with a graduated filter and got rid of some of the dark specks in that area with the spot removal tool. quite a dramatic overall improvement i think.

donderdag 24 januari 2013

lightroom love pt 2     
pushing the sliders further
lightroom can do more than just apply subtle changes. you can use it to achieve all kinds of dramatic and artistic effects

here's another photograph i took at the beach, using intentional camera movement to achieve a painterly effect

first creative lightroom experiment. stronger painterly effect but still figurative, you can clearly recognize the waves in the sea.

second creative lightroom experiment, pushing the sliders even further.... into abstraction.  color and shape do no longer evoke the sea or its waves.


lightroom love     
getting creative with sliders
the second week of Kim Klassen's Round Trip ecourse is all about Lightroom's develop module. 
here's an example of the subtle but powerful changes you can make in an image using Lightroom. this photograph was taken at the beach yesterday afternoon 

straightened and cropped and then played around with the sliders in most of the develop panels. 

it was great fun! can't wait till the next of this week's lessons!!!

vrijdag 4 januari 2013

december's photo-heart-connection 

this is a scene i see almost every day. it is my sacred place. 
the light falling through the leaves, illuminating the reeds and rushes along the path, magically turns the wet asphalt into a pool of silver.