vrijdag 10 mei 2013

liberating my art     
sending my images out into the world
and receiving some beautiful postcards in return

this year i took part in Kat Sloma's Liberate your Art postcard swap
seeing my own work printed on a postcard and sharing it with other artists was a wonderful experience.
here's what i sent to Kat and what i got back from kindred creative spirits

on the left are the 5 postcards i sent. the bottom one went to Andrea from NJ and one of the others (don't know which one) ended up in Rochester NY with Karen Walker 
would love to know who else received one of my cards.....
the cards i got back are on the right. from top to bottom:

Cathy H Arkansas USA (hi Cathy, nice to meet again here!)

David Morel Nashville TN USA

Anonymous....would love to know who sent me this beautiful photograph with a quotation by Rumi

Tonia Melbourne, Australia

Shannon Gilbert  Richmond, Virginia USA

go watch the you-tube video featuring work by all the contributing artists and get inspired!

below are links to the contributors' blogs