zondag 2 juni 2013

an embarrassment of riches     
photo-heart-connection may     
creating a royal homestead

at the end of april we got a new king. actually, the queen stepped down and her son became the first king in ages. it was a huge event, things like this don't happen very often :-) it also generated a lot of commercial activity: all the big stores pushed their own little toys, cards, crockery and other 'royal' gadgets.
i got blessed with a couple of soft furry orange balls with gold carton crowns. i kinda liked them and named them willies, after our new king Willem Alexander. after the coronation, my friends started adding to my collection by asking for left-over willies at the store. (you can say they literally gave me the willies lol!). i ended up with 49 of them and decided to give them a home. so i ordered this wooden 'palace' from a toy shop and had loads of fun glueing them in their rooms and on the roof and finally setting up this tableau in my shed window, arranging the remaining willies on the sill beside the royal home...
i call this an embarrassment of riches, because the first thing people say when they see my willies is: wow, you must have spent tons of money at the supermarket...! (they came free with every spent 15 euro)
this photo was taken with my iPhone. i love it as much as i love seeing my willies every time i walk past the shed. so this is most definitely my photo-heart connection for this month!