dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

broadening my horizon

facing the band and following the music
photo heart connection september

last month i upgraded my Olympus PEN P3 to a P5. now i had a new lens to try out, the 17mm 1:8 wide angle. 
after using the 40-150 zoom for a year a whole new world opened up to me.....

the first opportunity to get a feel for my new lens: the hague, near the town palace where the royal brass band was practicing for the opening day of Dutch parliament. 
i saw (or rather: heard) them coming towards me out of a side street and immediately grabbed my new camera.

even when they came real close i still could get a whole row of them in focus....wow! including the man staring in the distance at the other side of the street.... 

after they passed i decided to follow them on my electric scooter, feeling like a paparazza. i wasn't the only one chasing them, as you can see :-)

until they finally halted to perform some drum solos and i was able to capture the halos around their helmets and the intriguing shadows on the street.

this lens has literally broadened my horizon and increased my possibilities as a photographer. 
almost a year ago i did a similar shoot of a brass band with my 40-150. to compare the quality of the two lenses you can click here