zondag 23 september 2012

self portrait     
putting myself in the picture
the first assignment for my advanced photography class is a self portrait.
this past week i have tried out different ways to put myself in the picture in a creative way

by creating a self portrait you can reveal certain parts of yourself to the viewer. here i have opened the blinds and parts of my face and hand become visible. because the focus is on my camera lens, what is revealed of my face is a bit blurry.

this shot was taken while standing next to my van, looking in the side mirror. more parts of me are revealed here, because of the multiple reflections from the car window.  this self portrait provides a bit more context: you can see the roofs and windows of the houses in the background.

here the 'revelations' are mainly contextual. i am merely a shadow, a silhouette, portrayed against a backdrop of green rushes and blue water. the viewer is free to interpret the image in her/his own way, as an interesting combination of lines and shapes and color, or as an expression of my fascination by nature and the movement of water.

this multi-layered image is both personal and contextual. my face is a blur, blending in with the other layers, just one of the many things to perceive within the bigger picture. there are parts of a brick wall, silhouettes of bicycles, neon reflections, and a lot of bright red and white lines and shapes that are undefinable. so what does this reveal about me, apart from the hazy imprint of my face? again: it is up to the viewer to decide if this image is about the lines and shapes and general atmosphere or about my love for night shots, shop window reflections and the color red.

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