dinsdag 4 december 2012

this is not a wedding     
my november photo-heart connection

this photograph is part of my 'exposing the layers of life' project, a collection of multi-layered images that reflect different realities converging in one single moment in time. 

i always shoot RAW and then post-process in Lightroom. i love 'exposing' the different layers by playing around with the tools in the develop module, trying to coax the hidden story out of the RAW material. sometimes the result is so stunning it takes my breath away

i especially love this shot because it reminds me of the paintings of Rene Magritte (hence the title)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Unusual processing (of which I know nothing). It's true that the painter Magritte very often had blue skies and fluffy clouds in his surrealistic paintings. All these things together look like a strange dream where all kinds of images converge and float together.
    An interesting and certainly original choice for a photo-heart connection.

  2. You've used the layering to great effect and I love the title with its nod to Magritte. I haven't played around too much with layering but you've inspired me to have a go - I really love the idea of different realities converging in a single moment in time.

  3. @sandra, @becs,
    some more information on the post-processing:
    the image has not been 'constructed', everything you see was there at the time i took the shot
    the layered effect is caused by multiple reflections in the window of the bridal shop.
    when imported in Lightroom i only see the RAW data, so everything looks rather dull and washed out.
    by tweaking the different sliders in the develop module, like exposure, clarity, color and detail i can accentuate and sharpen some parts of the image, while softening and toning down others. i also use the graduated filter a lot to manage larger areas within the frame.

    so basically what i am trying to achieve is to 'expose' the separate 'layers of life' that are already there, not construct new realities by adding or blending new layers

  4. Wonderful layers in this one! We are all a bit like these images, aren't we? Full of layers that have to be coaxed out! Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  5. Oh... I am also fascinated by reflections and layers and I love capturing them with my camera, this one is great. Fantastic photo-heart connection