donderdag 12 september 2013

magic hour

reviewing last year's inspiration file, (created for my first 'find your eye' course) i found a lot of my photographs were taken at 'magic hour', the moment day starts turning into night (or night into day) and the light becomes dreamlike, diffuse, mysterious.

the land behind my house,  march 23 2012 6 pm. the colours speak to me of melancholia, a kind of sadness about the ending of the day

the hague, 7 pm on june 30 2012. last light breaking through the clouds, illuminating the sea, not a soul in sight, just water, sky and a majestic view. awesome.

this one is from my recently updated inspiration file.
august 21 2013 8.42 pm. daylight's almost gone, the sky has turned a pink purple and the trees have become silent silhouettes, weakly lit by the light beams from the golf course.

morning's magic hour is a bit too early for me, but at dusk you can usually find me outside, savouring those magical moments

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  1. They are magical moments! More light and color to be found. :)