vrijdag 9 maart 2012

balancing shapes
arranging space within the frame

KatEye Studio's theme this month is about composition. About balancing the space, objects, colors and shapes within a photograph in different ways, trying to create an arrangement that catches the eye. 

Some weeks ago I visited my dad and saw an almost empty office building standing in a square pond with lots of dead leaves in it, big red 'for rent' posters behind the tinted glass windows and a red plastic bag floating around on the water. I was immediately drawn to this interesting combination of shapes, textures, elements and colors and took a couple of shots, trying to create a compelling image.

Browsing through my shots i chose the one below as my absolute favorite. All the shapes and colors are in perfect balance, a perfect example of the effectiveness of the rule of thirds.  What i like most of all is that this balance is slightly disrupted by the red plastic bag floating on the water: it is the same color as the two posters but the only object in the image that doesn't have a reflection. It stands (or rather: floats) on it's own. I really, really like it when rules and conventions are broken like this....

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Your favorite image is mine as well. The symmetry of the top echoed in the bottom of the photograph is striking.

  2. Great shapes to balance, and great series showing what you did! I especially like the 2nd and 6th ones... I think I'm attracted to the simplicity of a single red rectangle balanced within the frame. It's interesting how we are drawn to different things! We will all find a different balance, given the same scene. Lovely post and I thank you for sharing it in Exploring with a Camera! I'm going to learn a lot in this exploration.

  3. I love these shots: the reflections, the movement of the water. I really like shot number 2 which is just about reflections and rippling water. In picture number 5, I like seeing how the reflections have deformed the lines of the building opposite and how you cropped the picture.
    In photo 4, which at first seems very simple, has hidden depth in the way the rippled water surface is smooth at one point creating a stretched out triangular shape and and we can see the red poster reflected, and at first glance, looks like a face appearing below the surface of the water!
    The water feature is the element that adds a lovely living, changing dimension.