maandag 12 maart 2012

night photography     
capturing the silent lights
Every night when i go out with my dogs along the river, i am captivated by the wonderful reflections of the lights in the water. Every night they are different. Every night they take my breath away. I've been wanting to photograph them from the moment i moved here 12 years ago. And now, thanks to an upgrade of my technical knowledge and photography equipment i am finally able to capture and honor what i call the 'silent lights'.

This shot, taken last friday night, is my favorite from last week so i am entering it in shutter sisters'  Best Shot Monday
Here are some  more shots from that same night.

Thanks to Elisha Snow's Mastering Manual Mode i have been daring and able to take these pictures with manual settings, combining a narrow aperture (between f14 and f22) with a very long shutter speed. (between 4 and 15 seconds)
Thanks to the 2 second shutter delay in my Olympus PEN P3 and a gorilla pod fastened on the steering wheel of my electric scooter i was able to prevent camera shake and blurriness.


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