maandag 23 april 2012

the accidental tourist
the importance of preparation
This afternoon i was sitting down at my table, having lunch, when one of my dogs started barking and howling, jumping up and down in front of the french doors to the garden. 
I stood up to check what was going on and came eye-to-eye with this blue heron.....

It just stood there, giving me the once over, totally unimpressed by my presence, then looked away, to the neighbor's garden, where - how on earth did it know this? - there is a small koi-filled pond.

It suddenly flew up and landed on top of the hedge, where it had a perfect vantage point to check out the pond's offerings.

I moved closer to the door and was able to get a good look at (and a good shot of) it's legs, breast and beak.

It decided to really get a proper sense of the place and stalked over the foliage to view the pond from another angle.

It probably concluded that the net over the pond was too much of a problem, because it flew up and off and disappeared from sight.....

I was almost perfectly prepared for this to happen: i always have my Olympus lying around, with the 40-150mm tele zoom attached, set to aperture priority, the largest lens-opening (f/4.0 to 5.6, depending on the focal length), bright or cloudy WB, ISO between 200-400, which provides a relatively shallow DoF and makes movement visible, instead of freezing it, because of the longer shutter speed. 
I usually charge the battery overnight and insert it as soon as i get down in the morning. When i extract my memory card to upload shots to my computer, i immediately put a 'fresh' on in and erase or format it. 
While shooting the heron i noticed that my battery was running empty. I had forgotten to reload it the night before..... I was very lucky the power held out until the heron flew away, although the autofocus was already giving me problems :-() I will not make this mistake again!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. What an incredible story and beautiful pictures. How lucky that you were prepared. Each picture is special but I especially love the one where he has his wings spread. Awesome!

  2. Love your story and more... your picture's, they are great, as detailed.

  3. Beautiful images! How lucky you were to notice and have the opportunity to photograph him. I highly recommend having a spare battery for your camera! Then you can always have one charged and ready to pop in when the one in your camera dies. :)