maandag 16 april 2012

dynamic diagonals
exploring direction and movement within the frame

Kat Eye Studio's monthly theme for april is the function of diagonal lines within an image. When I read her post i had just come back from my dad's with a camera full of shots filled with horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, so I picked a couple of them to further explore the theme.

My favorite subject is reflection, and the office building behind my fathers apartment, standing in a big square pool of water, always provides me with multiple reflective surfaces. The straight horizontal and vertical lines of the buildings become diagonal and slightly curved when reflected in the windows, which has an interesting visual effect.  I tried cropping and straightening the shots in different ways, first straightening along the horizontal lines of the office building, then straightening along the horizontal lines of the reflections. 

The middle image is not a reflection, but an example of converging lines, that create diagonals within the shot. I straightened the first shot along the white balcony on the top of the left building, the second shot along the top of the roof of the house in the background, behind and between the two buildings. I like the extra diagonal created by the shadow on the bottom right, it adds more energy to the image.

Here are some horizontal shots, the first one straightened along the left vertical line of the building, creating several diagonals: from top left to bottom right (the window and blinds) and from bottom left to top right (the reflections). The second one was straightened along the horizontal line of the reflections, creating a whole different set of diagonals, mainly from bottom middle to top right, but also in opposite direction on the building at the left.

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  1. Creating diagonals with the camera is a clever thing to do! It even makes me feel a little dizzy!
    Lovely reflected images taken at an angle to create diagonals!