donderdag 3 mei 2012

coot stories
life among the reeds

It always starts with a nest... straws and branches are piled up among the reeds along the riverbanks and in the ditches, where the eggs are laid and then kept warm by the female, defended against intruders by the male.

And  then the brooding and waiting begin......

Sometimes the coots are chased away, leaving their eggs to be eaten by predators

If this happens, they often return, looking disoriented, confused about what happened

While the female is brooding, the male hunts for food and extra straws to fortify the nest.

And then the eggs crack and the baby coots start crawling around the nest

After a while it is time to explore the world beyond....!!!

A very scary and exciting experience....

Especially when you are rocked from side to side by those big waves....

Fortunately dad's around to offer food and protection

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