zondag 6 mei 2012

night ride
capturing brightly lit cityscapes
Kat Sloma's 'a sense of place' this week is about photographing landscapes and cityscapes. I love shooting at night, so i decided to drive my electric scooter (with gorilla pod fastened on top!) up the bridge crossing the river Zijl and capture some of the city lights.

The bridge is situated on the outskirts of the city, so the first bright lights are coming from a gas station, a place to fill up your tank before the journey out. I just love that sharp straight red taillight-trail running parallel to the red light along the roof.

It is very late, so the big apartment buildings are sparsely lighted, evoking a sense of desolation.

This drab and gloomy pedestrian and bicycle tunnel leads to the other side of the bridge.

While crossing the bridge motorcyclists overtake me and cars rush towards me, creating the most beautiful light trails. 

View of the river Zijl and its riverbank, taken from the top of the bridge.

On the other side of the bridge there is another town, with similar apartment buildings, symmetrically dotted with lights. 

Back to the gas station, this time passing it from the other side. The dominating color is blue here.

As the lights are changing from green to orange to red, and back to green again, so the digital advertisements are scrolling from cheap tickets to shape sensation.....

The bike shop windows reflect the bright lights of cars, the gas station and the traffic crossing.

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