woensdag 20 juni 2012

waterlily photoshoot
exploring pond life
on my way to the mall i always pass a small pond. last week i noticed the waterlilies and was mesmerized by their beauty.
i grabbed my camera and spent half an hour taking shots, then went home and processed a couple of them in Lightroom.

i love the stillness of the water, the crisp reflection of the flower and the thin line of light along the leaf.

the vertical orientation supports the vertical lines of the reeds and the stem of the waterlily.

i find the dark silhouettes of the reeds and the crumpled texture and curved outlines of the leaves fascinating.

a couple of days later i came across the pond again and spent some more time shooting waterlilies. here is a collage of the numerous shots i took 

after reviewing all the shots and post-processing some of them, here are the ones i was most drawn to.

here the green leaves are abundant and curling up at the sides, almost covering the flower bud reaching up to the sun.

the reflection of the opening flower bud is beautiful.
i love the diagonals of the thin reeds below the water surface and the brown smudges along the rim of the leaves curling up behind the waterlily.

what interests me most in this shot is the stroke of light leading up to (or away from) the leaves.

this one is my favorite, with the tiny part of flower bud visible above and reflected in the water, and the beautiful curve of the stem bending over the leaves in the back

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The shadows are very striking.

  2. These lilies are gorgeous! I love the one with all of the overlapping lily pads. You captured some wonderful details here! So much fun to see how you approach this exercise.