zondag 17 juni 2012

why do i photograph?   
a visual answer to a complex question
today i went exploring the peninsula behind my house with my sister-in-law
she is trying to make an inventory of the plants and flowers that grow there
i am (always) trying to capture the extra ordinary things i perceive in the world around me

a bee embracing a thistle flowerhead in the strong breeze

the soft pink petals of the dog rose against the pale blue sky

the luminescent green transparency of large butterbur leaves

but besides the beauty of nature there's more that catches my eye....

two pieces of worn and torn rope in contrasting colors, wound around a steel fence

the remains of a carefully constructed spiderweb in a corner of the same fence

today is the start of my new photography class at KatEye Studio: Find your Eye
this is my first contribution
to be continued....

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Finding interest in beauty in the world around us is a wonderful reason to enjoy photography, Helga! I look forward to seeing how your answer develops, over time.

  2. The rope shot is beautiful, I love the contrast of coloured ropes and the contrast of smooth fence and rough twine.