dinsdag 24 juli 2012

exploring point of view part 1     
letting your subject do the work     
an exercise in waiting

While i like shooting my subjects from different angles and perspectives, my disabilities have made it very hard and painful for me to sit or lie down, climb on top of fences and chairs or walk down slopes and rough terrain. So in order to still get enough interesting points of view i have had to adapt and be creative. 

Here are some shots i took of a heron standing on the border of the pond near my father's house. I noticed the sharp dark shadow on the light concrete and was fascinated by the contrast and its changing shape. While sitting in the sun on my dad's terrace i got out my camera, zoomed in and just waited patiently for the heron to change its position and posture (which can take a while with herons....), meanwhile sipping my coffee and chatting with my dad. The heron took its time to prance around and i took the time to take shots whenever i liked what i saw. Very comfortable way of shooting...!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. This is a very nice series become fun to see how a small change in the position of the heron's shadow so very much can change. Very well seen and photographed.

  2. Wonderful series! The point of view is changed by the subject changing, instead of yourself, which is a great way to adapt this exercise. This must have been a fun time, watching the bird and capturing the variations. And enjoying the sun at your Dad's - perfect!