dinsdag 24 juli 2012

exploring point of view part 3     
letting the elements do the work
becoming friends with the wind

Here in the netherlands the weather is rather volatile, with regular bursts of storm and rain. I used to curse the wind a lot for ruining my shots by roughly shaking the flower i was about to take a close up  of ..... until i realized i could  'go with the flow' or rather: 'bend with the wind' .....!

Here are some shots of a daisy i found on the dike path i take with my dogs. The wind was blowing it in all directions, and instead of framing a standard close up and wait for the wind to die down enough to take an unblurred shot, i changed my settings a bit (faster shutter speed) and then followed the movement of the daisy with my camera, pressing the shutter whenever the wind blew the daisy to a different position. This way i got some very interesting points of view just by moving my camera around instead of my body...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh how fun! I like the "bend with the wind" idea. You know, you could almost arrange these around a perfectly centered daisy in a collage - each one with the daisy moving outward - since you captured so many different angles and variations!