zondag 12 februari 2012

capturing silhouettes

This month's topic for Kat Sloma's 'exploring with a camera' series is silhouettes

Browsing through my most recent work i found this wonderful image

Looking closer i realized that this is not a 'genuine' silhouette, but a reflected one. While composing this shot I deliberately left out the bridge itself and the person walking on it, and focused on the way they are reflected in the water as dark shapes, slightly distorted by the movement of the water.

I discovered some great silhouettes among my nature photographs

Somehow i seem to always combine silhouettes with some kind of reflection, probably because reflections are my favorite subject and i tend to see them everywhere.

Dusk is a great time for capturing silhouettes. Here's a shot taken with my new Olympus PEN in 16:9 format, which suits this subject perfectly. (notice the reflections of the lights in the water? like I said: my favorite subject....)

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  1. I enjoyed seeing the silhouettes combined with reflections - they work together perfectly! Thanks for sharing in Exploring with a Camera.