woensdag 15 februari 2012


When I was out with the dogs today I saw the fire brigade diving under the ice in the river. After getting home I grabbed my Olympus and went back and asked them if I could take some shots. They didn't mind so I spent about 15 minutes capturing them during one of their trial runs, getting someone out from under the ice and transporting them back to safety. They worked with great focus but also had a lot of fun. They looked like heroes. It feels good to know they will come running when you need them. 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. thank you for your comment on my post over at Shutter Sisters today.

    please don't be embarrassed any longer! this is a fabulous set of portraits and action shots. I really hope that you will do more of this - for yourself and for others.
    if I could push you just a little further, I'd encourage you to share these with the brigade. Because, if they liked posing for them, I'd bet they'd love seeing them.

    1. thank you deborah! i already decided to send them a link to this blog post :-) will definitely continue putting people in my photographs. and sharing them, even if that means getting negative feedback (like the comment about sheroes on your shutter sisters post)