maandag 20 februari 2012

capturing the unexpected
shooting what catches my eye

Today's shutter sister post is about looking forward to the photographs that lay waiting for you, the stories that need to be told, the images that kind of sneak up on you and say: hey, capture me! After my daily trek with the dogs i browsed through all the photographs I had taken and found these unexpected treasures

The sun was bright and lit up these plumes against a backdrop of dark branches so they looked made of silver. A close up from another angle had a completely different effect.

Even though the sun was shining it was very cold outside. I drove my scooter over the last remnants of ice on the path, breaking it up and creating the most beautiful ice-scapes. 

Same day, same place, completely different subject, color and story.


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  1. oh wow! I love this! beautiful, beautiful, images.

    (I am so glad you enjoyed my post over at shutter sisters today! thrilled!)