vrijdag 24 februari 2012

how far i've come
Yesterday's shutter sister post was a celebration of the community of female photographers and the way we all have gained confidence in our photography over the last couple of years.

It made me think of my first ever (primitive, 4 megapixel) digital camera, a present from my sweetheart in 2006, and i dug up one of the photographs i took with it. I put it next to one of my more recent images of the same subject, taken with my Olympus PEN (12,5 megapixel, 126 pages manual, tele zoom lens)

I cropped and slightly tweaked both images in aperture, and am really amazed at how much i have progressed and developed on my photographic journey, but at the same time have stayed true to my vision.
I have always been fascinated by the reeds and rushes in and around the water, the changing of their colors and shapes and the way they bend in the wind and form a kind of see-through curtain with the background shimmering through.
In these past years my way of capturing that fascination, of framing what moves me, has improved enormously. Of course using an expensive high end camera helps with the technical quality of the image. But for the depth and expressiveness in my photography, for the way i am now able to pour my vision into my images, i am deeply indebted to all my shutter sisters.


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